Kamome Heater

  • Minimal and clean design
    that fits into the space

  • The remote control
    can be stored on the side

  • 2WAY specifications
    that can put on the floor
    and be hung on the wall.

  • When not in use,
    you can hook the code

  • The thinness of the main body
    is only 9.5cm,
    so it is easy to use

  • The way to hang on the wall1
    Install directly on the wall hook
    and make it slim

  • The way to hang on the wall2
    Attach to the wall blacket
    and make an angle


A slender heater wraps the family in a warm wind after bathing in the cold winter.
Relive disconfort from temperature change in winter.
It can be hung without punching holes in the wall, so it's easy even in smaller spaces.
Of course, with a tripod, you can relax in the living room.


  • Model number


  • Product name

    Kamome Heater

  • Product size

    W42.5cmxD15.5cm(when placed on the floor)/9.5cm(when stored)xH35cm

  • Weight※body only


  • Wire length


  • Power supply


  • Power consumption

    Strong: 1200/weak: 800W/50Hz
    Strong: 1100/weak: 750W/60Hz

  • Remote


  • Human sensor


  • Oscillation


  • Applicable tatami mats (approximate)

    Concrete 8 tatami mats / Wooden 5 tatami mats
    * Conditions: During heavy driving / 50 mm insulation / warm area

  • Timer

    1・2・4hours Off

  • Filter

    Activated carbon filter