Summer always
comes with shaved ice.

"Do you want to make shaved ice ?"
"Yes !!!"

I used to make shaved ice
as a dessert for summer when I was a kid,
but my daughters only eat shaved ice at night stall
in a festival so they look really happy.

"Wow..it's soft like snow !!"
Both of my daughter spoked in the same time
while I turned round the plate carefully and make shaved ice.

"Let's eat !"
"So cool"
"This brings back memories"

They kept talking and eating shaved ice.
At that time,
there was light breeze blowing my daughter's front hair.
"Can I eat more ?"
"No, I will let you get more tomorrow baby"

I felt time passing slowly,
just like I did when I was a kid.

  • White (WH)

  • Gray (GY)

Simple and easy to use
  • Removable center pole for
    adjusting the height

  • Handle is integrated
    with the main pole

  • Angle adjustable from
    upwards 90° to downwards 10°

  • Storage remote control

Product name Kamomefan
Model FKLW-281D/WLKF-1281D
Blade diameter 28cm
Airflow speed 4 speed airflow
Oscillation angle Horizontal(75°)
Manual angle adjustment
90°(30° x 3 level)
Manual angle adjustment
Weight 3.6kg
Power consumption (W) Highest (Highest speed, with oscillation) 18W
Lowest (Lowest speed, without oscillation) 1.4W
Product height 57cm / 93cm
Running air volume※Minimum 11.3dB
Reachable distance 11m
Aroma oil compartment あり