Kamomefan Lite

Capture the wind
in a sunny day.

My younger daughter's hand is still too small for a camera
but It seems like my older daughter can use it.
"Where should I press ?"
I focused my camera on my daughters enjoying her cameras.

"Hey baby sea gulls, let's smile !"
"Hey mom, let's smile !"
There were comfortable light breeze that moment.
"Alright, we should go back home and make a photo exhibition"

The wall in new house's living room
looks like waiting us to decorate the pictures.
We talked alots while putting the picutures on the wall.
"You are good at taking photos, baby sea gull"

I was watching my daughter decorating the pictures
and want to imprint this scenery in my memory.

  • Champagne gold(CGD)

  • Silver(SI)

so quiet and so light weight
  • Operation panel
    is installed in
    a user-friendly location

  • Magnet remote control
    in attached on the pole

  • Lightweight portable with one hand
    ※About 2.1kg in weight 、※FLU-301 (about 4.6kg)

  • Horizontal automatic oscillation angle

  • One push
    Vertical height adjustment

  • Angle adjustable from
    upwards 90° to downwards 10°

Product name Kamome lite
Model FKLW-251D
Blade diameter 25cm(soft blades)
Airflow speed Stepless speed change
Oscillation angle Horizontal(30・60・90°)
Manual angle adjustment
90°(30° x 3 level)
Manual angle adjustment
Weight 2.1kg
Power consumption (W) Highest (Highest speed, with oscillation) 15W
Lowest (Lowest speed, without oscillation) 1.6W
Product height 75cm / 90cm
Running air volume※※Minimum 7.5dB
Reachable distance 17m
Aroma oil compartment Included