Kamomefan mini

That summer break
in the new city.

"Whaattt ? even we moved to the new city, there is still homework here.."
Although my daughter complainted that
but the first thing she start to do was handicraft.

She is so enthusiastic to make a seagull handicraft since she moved here.
Although the beach, the sunset and the wind are different from the ones from our old city,
my daughter is really into seagulls.

"Firstly, I have to be a seagull" she said,
and put the Kamomefan close to the table,
just like she was trying to recreate the wind from the beach.

I took a look to the drawing from her back,
and she is really good at drawing.
"Wow. You did really well ! Good job !"
"Right ? I need to compare my draw with the real one ! "

My daughter hold her drawing and took the strawhat,
and then I said to her "I'm going with you too !"

  • White (WH)

  • Gray (GY)

You can use it as a circulator fan as well.
  • Cordless to
    increase usage space.

    Special Battery Pack
    "Genki Pack"
    *Sold separately
  • Handle for carrying the fan and
    magnet remote control

  • Angle adjustable from upwards 90°
    to downwards 10°

  • Vertical and horizontal
    three-dimensional automatic swing driving

Product name Kamomefan mini
Model FKLW-231B
Blade diameter 23cm(soft blades)
Airflow speed Stepless speed change
Oscillation angle Vertical(100°)
Manual angle adjustment
Manual angle adjustment
( Downwards)
Weight 2.9kg
Power consumption (W) Highest (Highest speed, with oscillation) 12.5W
Lowest (Lowest speed, without oscillation) 1.3W
Product height 58cm
Running air volume※Minimum 12.5dB
Reachable distance 14m
Aroma oil compartment Included

Special Battery Pack "Genki Pack" Specifications

Product name Kamome Genki Pack
Model K-BP1
Continuous usage time 2.5~25hours
charging time 4hours
Weight 0.3kg
Battery type lithium-ion battery