Kamomefan F series

We are creating our
memories at the moment.

The sky and the sea look shinning genlty in the sunset.
The sparks flowed with the wind
from the beach after we did handheld fireworks.。

There are only the sound of the wave and the handheld firework.

It feels luxury doing this,
since it is hard to do handheld firework in the city.
We was into our thought and realized that
the sun had already set.
"Let's go home"

When we arrived home, my daughters closed to the Kamomefan.
"It feels like the wind we felt at the beach !"
My daughters felt the wind from the fan,
sniffed the smell of firework remaining on their clothes and laughted at each other.

Our family had good memory today, again.

Collapsible and easy to store
  • White(WH)

  • Dark Beige(DBE)

Bendable mechanical arm can be adjusted to
different heights or angles as you desired

  • Horizontal automatic oscillation angle

  • Magnet remote control
    is attached on the back panel

  • Upper operating part of main uni

  • Clear
    indicator display

Product name Kamomefan F series
Model FKLU-232D
Blade diameter 23cm(soft blades)
Airflow speed/th> stepless speed
Oscillation angle Horizontal(30・60・90°)
Manual angle adjustment
Manual angle adjustment
Weight 4.4kg
Power consumption (W) Highest (Highest speed, with oscillation) 10.5W
Lowest (Lowest speed, without oscillation) 1.2W
Product height 80cm / 90cm
Running air volume※Minimum 12.0dB
Reachable distance 12m
Aroma oil compartment Included